ENVELOPES - Custom & Stock

We specialize in custom solutions for your business operations. Whether it is your accounting envelopes, to your marketing and all the envelopes in between Customline can help you with your mailing communications. We can help provide you with the solution that works for you. We also stand by our products; providing our clients with quality products and excellent "personal" service that you can always rely on for you and your entire companies work flow process "paperwork." Please call us today for innovative solutions, outstanding service and hi-quality products.

Time and Money Saving Envelope Facts

Envelopes are a powerful tool in business communication, and we here at Customline understand how important envelopes are to a business.

Every envelope has a distinct and significant purpose. If business correspondence or marketing material doesn't arrive in an attractive and professional manner, the information will be sent in vain and discarded up opened.

Customline makes your business correspondence work for you. Choose from a complete line of popular correspondence, catalog and specialty envelopes in the most popular stocks or create a custom envelope and have it converted to your design and application.

Call us We're here to help with your business projects needs.

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  • SIZE: What Size do you need?
  • HANDLING: WIll a insertion be done by hand or machine?
  • INSERTS: What is the number of inserts for the mailing?
  • POSTAGE: Who will pay the postage on a return envelope?
  • STOCK: What is the type of stock and construction?
  • MAILING: What mailing process will be used?
  • ART: Does the envelope need a logo or advertising?
  • REPLY: Is a reply desired?
  • TINT: Is a security tint needed?

envelopes TIPS

  • Save time and money by using standard size envelopes (click here for a chart)
  • Printing on envelopes is a good way to increase awareness and response
  • Whether stock or custom we can print your logo and information we can even convert envelopes; design, manufacture a custom size and window, etc. envelope
  • Adding a barcode to the mailing address can speed delivery
  • Lower right half of the envelope must be free of printing or symbols
  • Glossary for terms


  • Full Color envelopes of various shapes and sizes
  • Styles like fold over, special die shapes & sizes and much more
  • Invitations and related items
  • and much more Marketing & Full Color products...

mailing forms applications

  • Information Sealed custom forms
  • Direct Mail Solutions with various types of custom forms from integrated form combinations (labels, plastic cards, etc.) solutions to marketing, investor and even postcards and much much more...
  • Outsource Solutions: Business Communications is another resource we can perform; we can take care of your billing, statements and other financial or reoccurring mailing projects in order to help you cut costs and focus on other tasks within your business.

tax statements & ENVELOPES Available

  • Notifications
  • Internal Reports
  • Special Notices
  • Investment Analysis
  • Contracts
  • Benefits Explanations

Integrated Forms-Label communications

  • Plastic cards or labels adhered to forms to create a unique and creative solution for your application or project

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