Healthcare Identification and
Tracking Solutions

ID and tracking solutions for medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical products as well as medical facilities.  We offer special UPN software, label and ribbon supplies, tabletop bar code printers, and unique handheld scanner/data collector/printer.  Solutions for healthcare provide many benefits for suppliers:

  • Improves customer service
  • Immediate compliance with the requirements of major healthcare buying groups, including the DoD UPN initiative
  • Competitive advantages
  • Increased inventory accuracy

Donor Labeling Solutions
for transportation of Donor organs.

Donor Organ Transportation Form-Label (Integrated Form) Solution to help streamline the workflow process, provide industry & government regulation, accountability and verification as well as paper trail evidence to there by reduce administrative costs and provide efficiency to the donor organ program.  It's ultimate one-stop process solution.

Universal Product Number (UPN)

The concept of the UPN was created by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as a way of uniquely identifying medical/surgical products using one of two data structures approved by the Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC).  Using bar codes to identify products will allow healthcare providers to use technologies currently used by retailers to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and improve the quality of healthcare.  In additional to the DoD, other major group purchasing organizations are requiring that all products be marked with the UPN.

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  • Blood Banks
    • ABO Group Labels
    • Antigen Testing
    • Component Labels
    • Manufacturing
    • Special Message 
  • Central Supply
    • Addressograph
    • Color Code
    • Communication
    • Patient Charge
    • Sterilization
  • Dietary
    • Calorie Count
    • Communication
    • Nourishment
    • Laboratory
    • Biohazard
    • Chemical Hazard
    • Communication
    • Lab Systems
    • Quality Control 
  • Nursing
    • Communication
    • I.V. therapy
    • Patient Services
  • Pharmacy
    • Communication
    • Medication Instruction
    • Pharmacy Systems
    • Tape Systems
  • Radiology/Medical Records
    • Diagnostics Imaging
    • Communication
    • Medical Records
    • Medical Records Date Systems
    • Radiology Date Systems
  • And Much More Stock Labels for your institutions needs.

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