The Manufacturing sector includes companies involved in all manner of manufacturing operations, from heavy machinery to hardware as well as companies involved in the wholesale distribution of these products. Among the companies covered are agricultural, construction, and material-handling machinery makers; machine tool, metal fabrication, and flow control equipment companies; electrical equipment makers; packaging makers; and rubber, plastic, and glass products companies.

The Chemicals sector includes makers of basic and intermediate chemicals, specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, plastics and fibers, and paints and coatings.

The Metals & Mining sector includes companies involved in the mining and production of copper, gold, silver, coal, bauxite, iron, lead, nickel, and other minerals. It also includes companies involved in metals processing, including steel and aluminium manufacturers, companies that mine and produce diamonds and other precious stones, and companies that distribute metals and alloys.

The Consumer Products - Non-Durables sector includes apparel makers, makers of personal care products (toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.) and cleaning products, paper and business forms makers, and pet products companies.

The Consumer Products - Durables sector includes appliance, home furnishings and house wares makers; lawn and garden equipment makers; small tool manufacturers; consumer electronics, toy, and sporting goods companies; photographic equipment and jewelry makers; and office furniture and fixture makers.

The Materials & Construction sector includes companies that manufacture all types of building materials, companies that grow timber and mill lumber, and companies that extract stone and produce concrete. It also includes manufactured housing companies (including mobile home makers), architecture and engineering firms, heavy construction companies, specialty contractors, industrial maintenance companies, environmental services companies, and waste management and recycling companies. It does not include residential construction companies (see Real Estate sector).

The Computer Hardware sector includes makers of mainframe, client/server, and personal computers; other computer-based systems; storage devices; networking equipment; peripherals; and business equipment (copiers, point-of-sale terminals, etc.). It also includes computer equipment retailers and wholesalers

The Computer Software & Services sector includes companies involved in the design, development, and marketing of all types of software, companies that provide both software and services, and companies that provide computer services such as maintenance and systems integration.

See the list for a sampling of Manufacturing Industry Solutions that Customline can help you and your business with in order to look better, work better and make your job easier. We strive to help make our clients rely on use to help them get the job done; by helping them with their job responsibilities by managing projects, providing quality products & excellent service all with competitive pricing. Our goal is to help our clients improve their bottom-line through helping to meet their goals within their companies own processes and reaching their clients to gain new & continued business.

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  • Shipping Label
  • Recovery Procedures
  • UL/CSA Compliance
  • Inventory Control
  • Quality & Process Control
  • Production Flow
  • Danger/Lockout Messages
  • Returns/Rework/Inspection Procedures
  • Product Identification
  • Print-N-Apply Labels
  • Work-In-Progress
  • Compliance Label
  • Pallet Labels
  • Cross Dock Labeling
  • RFID


  • Posters, Postcards, etc.
  • Booklets; Manuals, Catalogs, Reports and much more
  • Brochures
  • Inserts, sheets or flyers
  • Folders
  • and much more Marketing & Full Color products...


  • Forms
    • Receipts
    • Order Forms
    • Invoices
    • Purchase Orders
    • Shipping/Receiving Forms
  • Security and Financial Printing
    • Payroll Check
    • Accounts Payable Checks
    • All Types of Checks
    • Certificates
    • More
  • Check 21 Specialist
    • Security Features Specialists
      Please call us for a consultation to help protect your company with fraud & counterfeiting
  • Tax Statements
    • Notifications
    • Internal Reports
    • Special Notices
    • Investment Analysis
    • Contracts
    • Benefit Explanations
  • Mailing Forms Applications
  • Envelopes
    • All styles both stock and custom
  • Direct Mail Solutions

Technology Systems

  • Barcode Printers
  • Label Software
  • Related Systems and Supplies
    • Ribbons
    • Labels and Tags
      (both stock products and custom solutions)
  • Item Marking
  • Work-In-Process
    • Plus Much More
      (call us today for more information)
  • Computer Equipment
    • Peripherals
    • Components
    • Supplies
  • Service
    (Available on most OEM printers, please call to check your model and brand)

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